✍️ ok fox πŸŽ₯ green m&m 🎡 ‘sex and candy’ by marcy playground

✍️ knittedsweater kevin πŸŽ₯ dbz 🎡 ‘only a fool would say that’ by steely dan

✍️ corman’s inferno πŸŽ₯ redline 🎡 ‘no come down’ by run the jewels

✍️ lala πŸŽ₯ flcl 🎡 ‘eaten by the monster of love’ by sparks

✍️ galuigi πŸŽ₯ ping pong 🎡 ‘dynamite’ by bts

✍️ corman’s inferno πŸŽ₯ various 🎡 ‘smack my orinoco flow up’ by mtv / prodigy vs enya

✍️ alec robbins πŸŽ₯ various 🎡 various by various

✍️ lala πŸŽ₯ yuri on ice 🎡 ‘the meaning of love’ by depeche mode

✍️ erin pinkbug πŸŽ₯ utena & others 🎡 ‘shukufuku’ by yoasobi

✍️ corman’s inferno πŸŽ₯ one piece & others 🎡 ‘nazi punks fuck off’ by dead kennedys

✍️ rachel pincus πŸŽ₯ john wilson 🎡 ‘jokerman’ by bob dylan

✍️ pisshospital πŸŽ₯ evangelion 🎡 ‘best friend’ by saweetie

✍️ lala πŸŽ₯ crash 🎡 ‘here comes bob’ by sparks

✍️ geewilikerz πŸŽ₯ gene kelly and jerry 🎡 ‘tank’ by seatbelts

✍️ sfd πŸŽ₯ various 🎡 ‘gogo girl’ by qythone

✍️ kirbystarflower πŸŽ₯ utena 🎡 ‘Weep In A Dream (feat. 고냉)’ by Jellyboy

✍️ ok fox πŸŽ₯ one piece 🎡 ‘rough boys’ by pete townshend

✍️ lala πŸŽ₯ interview with the vampire 🎡 ‘high c’ by sparks

✍️ corman’s inferno πŸŽ₯ berserk 🎡 ‘midnight scrubs’ by dj lobster

✍️ rachel pincus πŸŽ₯ beastars 🎡 ‘there is a light that never goes out’ by the smiths

✍️ galuigi πŸŽ₯ avatar: the last airbender 🎡 ‘I am not a robot’ by marina and the diamonds

✍️ corman’s inferno πŸŽ₯ various 🎡 ‘velvet sugar’ by go home productions / archies vs velvet underground

✍️ isaac safron robin πŸŽ₯ gundam 🎡 ‘war of the hearts’ by sade

✍️ brad junswick πŸŽ₯ various 🎡 ‘dreamlover’ by faye wong

✍️ corman’s inferno πŸŽ₯ evangelion 🎡 ‘moon over marin’ by dead kennedys

✍️ bob πŸŽ₯ various 🎡 ’20 years on’ by safe

✍️ september xyzx πŸŽ₯ my dinner with andre 🎡 ‘mind’ by talking heads

✍️ pisshospital πŸŽ₯ perfect blue 🎡 ‘butter scaryflies’ by sleepytime trio

✍️ corman’s inferno πŸŽ₯ made in abyss 🎡 ‘fight song (fade in abyss remix)’ by rachel platten & friends

✍️ corman’s inferno πŸŽ₯ various 🎡 ‘santa’s silly kisses’ by fortune kit

✍️ mickey z πŸŽ₯ death becomes her 🎡 ‘cruel angel’s thesis’ by yoko takahashi

✍️ hibikitikibi πŸŽ₯ tekkonkinkreet 🎡 ‘libra’ by mucc

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Transcript for Episode 26 with Whole Worker

OK: Hi everyone, this is OK Fox. Just wanted to apologize for the really bad audio quality of this episode. We just weren’t prepared to have in-studio and call-in guests at the same time, so we just improvised, and had this really, like, weird room mic, and then recorded it on Skype, so it sounds not great, but it’s a podcast, and it’s audible and it’s a good interview and like, you know, I can say that we’ll – we can release a transcript for it if people are really having trouble hearing it.

So just bear with us, we’re still learning how to deal with guests and figuring all that stuff out. But it’s a great episode, and I hope you guys enjoy it. See you soon.

OK: Hi everybody, welcome to another episode of art and labor, we have a full house tonight, so that’s why the audio is a bit different than normal. I am OK Fox.

LL: And I am Lucia Love. And we’ve got three guests.

OK: Yes, we have three guests today. The theme of the episode is Whole Worker, so that is a group trying to organize the Whole Foods grocery store chain. And in studio we have Matthew,

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