DISPATCH – while you were partying

Art and Labor
Art and Labor
DISPATCH - while you were partying

Warning for live human shit, sexual trauma, suicide, anger, and misery. We had a night on the town to see the new off Broadway production “while you were partying” by Peter Mills Weiss and Julia Mounsey with Brian Fiddyment at Soho Rep! Its a fantastic new play for the irony poisoned, N64 modding, suicidal incel poster psyche of many an “ordinary American” cursed by the internet age. As usual, the NYtimes has no idea what’s going on, but fret not dear reader, we’re just the floating voices that do, and that’s the art and labor promise! Poem, prayer, meme: you decide.

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The show has been extended 2 weeks so get tickets!! https://sohorep.org/

or watch it on twitch on the 21st, follow and watch clips here: https://www.twitch.tv/lesslesslessless