Episode 66 – Qanon Memes with Zach Phillips

Art and Labor
Art and Labor
Episode 66 - Qanon Memes with Zach Phillips

We dive into the strange world right-wing memes with our friend Zach Phillips (@floydphill), who we met thanks to Street Fight Radio! The Qanon people correctly identify that they are being fucked over by a ruling global elite, but instead of attributing that to a class politic their framework becomes muddled with a white supremacist and transphobic identity politic. We discuss the growing leftist case for “Epstein didn’t kill himself” sentiment. If you like the podcast and want more, please consider supporting us: https://www.patreon.com/artandlabor. Follow us on twitter and instagram. You can contact Art & Labor at artandlaborpodcast@gmail.com

Zach’s Collection
Parsons grad goes full Qanon
David Dees has been on the right ring conspiracy art market for a while, apparently he was a former Sesame Street illustrator!!