READING – Intro to Art and (Bare) Life

Art and Labor
Art and Labor
READING - Intro to Art and (Bare) Life

Have you been feeling tired from your daily dose of news chronicling the ineptitude of our administration, but finding it hard to look away? Well, feel free to pop this episode on and let your eyes keep watching the tire fire. As part of Constructing the Real, a course that focuses on how aesthetics and politics synthesize to create objectivity, Lucia reads the introduction of Art and (Bare) Life by Josephine Berry. Aside from being a great text for mapping what theorists understood about art and revolution over the course of the past few centuries, it’s also a solid read for anyone who is trying to figure out what their own practice is capable of during times like these.

If you’re interested in joining a conversation on this text, Constructing the Real has a channel in our Discord, and if you just feel like listening along, that’s cool too. We’ll post more chapters from the book as they transform into audiobook format.

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