136 – Laughing at Pain w/ Caroline Bennett of Stice

Art and Labor
Art and Labor
136 - Laughing at Pain w/ Caroline Bennett of Stice

Content warning right at the top we talk about heavy stuff like addiction and sexual abuse, but also this conversation is really funny like an episode of Stella comprised of three art freaks instead. Please follow Caroline (@sticesticestice) and stream Stice for clear skin. Did you know? Your favorite artist’s former girlfriend probably makes amazing art! Also girls is muscled up art handlers too—we can, in fact, do it. If you wanna know the bleeped band you’ll have to listen to the part 2 on Patreon ?.

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Episode 21 – Vice 2

Art and Labor
Art and Labor
Episode 21 - Vice 2



Debunking some bullshit from the “socially conservative” left. Red Scare triples down on ableism and Angela Nagle dips her toe in strasserism. Why is lefty media just becoming Vice 2? We also check in on Long island City, site of labor struggles and luxury apartments for Amazon executives.

Stuff breaking down Nagle’s “The Left Case Against Open Borders” here:




Vulgar Economics:


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