DISPATCH – Welcome to Art and Labor!

Art and Labor
Art and Labor
DISPATCH - Welcome to Art and Labor!

We had a tweet go viral! Artnet published a pseudoscience garbage article claiming that artists’ brain chemistry causes them to not what to be paid for their work, we told them to fuck off with that noise. This episode breakdown the discourse, and get into plenty of tangents along the way!! This episode was recorded on the streets of Chelsea and Bushwick. Later doodle-bitches!

Welcome new listeners! Art and Labor focuses on the on-going struggle to survive as an art or cultural worker. We chronicle the stories of social justice organizing within the arts, and believe in centering the human cost of the “art world” and advocate for fair labor practices for artists, assistants, fabricators, docents, interns, registrars, janitors, writers, editors, curators, guards, performers, and anyone doing work for art & cultural institutions.

Helpful links that provide context for this episode:

the viral tweet/article: https://twitter.com/ArtandLaborPod/status/1016154656265965568

more responses:  https://twitter.com/i/moments/1016323997443780609

follow Nicky Flowers: https://twitter.com/yiffpolice

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