159 – Fire in the Disco

Art and Labor
Art and Labor
159 - Fire in the Disco

A return to definitely a type of form, the Galleria caucus of Art and Labor (OK and Sarah) reckon with the eternal struggle of Knowing They Did A Gentrification To Bushwick. You, reader, however, are now yourself trapped in my web, unable to stop passively reading this sentence, which is that Kylie Minogue always has at least a couple songs on each album that sound like Starburst commercials, at least one absolute banger, and a bunch of shit. Aphrodite, however, is an entire album of Starburst commercials, and it’s a perfect driving album for the woman on the go with a cracked windshield and dangerously (but also sexily) corroded brake pads. We mostly, however, talk being abolitionists in the face of hateful tragedy like the Rash arson and debrief on the 7th annual Sonic 2006 party. If there was anyone in the north Brooklyn who deserved to be set aflame that night, it was probably us, sorry to all who attended. I also tell the same exact story I did last time I recorded about my sister getting hit by a Tesla, it’s a real meat and potatoes episode folks, we aim above all other things to be your comfort characters.

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