191 – Don’t Dream It, Be It w/ Jackie Ess

Art and Labor
Art and Labor
191 - Don't Dream It, Be It w/ Jackie Ess

Honored to be graced by Jackie Ess, co-founder of the Bay Area Trans Writers Workshop and the author of the groundbreaking, cuck character study/novel of our time, Darryl. We discuss “radical trans poetics,” the historical importance of local freaks, and make an open call for more experimental jazz fusion. Don’t take our wives, please! If you like us, please consider spreading the good word! Directly sharing our episodes with friends helps defeat the algorithm. And consider joining our patreon to help defeat our brokeness!

Jackie’s music on instagram

10/12 event for Disruptive Engagement: An Organizer’s Guide to Building Community Power for Justice in Land Use and Housing in New York City https://centerforthehumanities.org/programming/disruptive-engagement-handbook-launch

Jackie’s music rec https://ruthgarbus.bandcamp.com/album/alive-people