140 – Fake Art Friends

Art and Labor
Art and Labor
140 - Fake Art Friends

Don’t tell them we told you this, but even though we got the best art friend split heart necklace with jerry saltz at the Manhattan mini mall last week, we actually think YOU’RE our best art friend, we just feel bad for them and our mom made us do it. This week Lucia, OK and Sarah take their brains out their heads to scrub out the insides with six different cleaners like a toilet bowl on tik tok, with maybe too much time covering the latest nebbishly relatable drain on your god given 5 nyt articles this month. What doth a sceene be compos’d of, if not cowardes? Does the intention behind an act determine its morality? Why do people who don’t make art insist on calling themselves artists? Do I come into your house with a painting and call myself an author?

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We also take a little time to reflect on the 16 hours God forced your hand to maniacally check twitter instead of instagram. Welcome to my world you little babies, don’t let jack bully you into reading before you quote tweet a hot take on rice krispie treats! Solidarity as always to our homies at Kellogg, any fight against Nestle is worth having, and congrats also to our friends at IATSE who just voted to authorize their union to strike; check out the account we mention at @ia_stories. If you thought your job was hurry up and wait, take this fraturday to peruse the hell that is film and tv production!

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