170 – Nathan For Art 2 w/ Alec Robbins & Hannah Guerrero

Art and Labor
Art and Labor
170 - Nathan For Art 2 w/ Alec Robbins & Hannah Guerrero

The long-awaited part 2 of A&L’s side pod, Fielderwatch, taking on the series finale of The Rehearsal with twitter’s most famous husband, Alec Robbins, and friend of the pod and union-certified painter of tunnels onto walls Hannah Guerrero! For a show that adores how tv gets made, it equally adores the psychological trauma of doing so, with the gut-wrenching sixth episode that speaks to not just the ethics of child actors as a concept, but expands on ideas first developed in Nathan For You, on what “help” can even mean. Hannah and Alec share their valuable insight as past and present film crew workers, explaining the actual level of labor that goes into the creation of the little moving square in your living room, and how those workplaces could produce great works democratically. Also, we didn’t take the week off, we did this interview!!


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