155 – Jackass Cultural Studies w/ Sean J Patrick Carney

Art and Labor
Art and Labor
155 - Jackass Cultural Studies w/ Sean J Patrick Carney

Fresh off an empty post-industrial mall cinema viewing, we discuss the Gesamtkunstwerk Jackass Forever with lauded expert in the field of suburban whiteboy studies, Sean J Patrick Carney (@ripcytwombly.) We’re clearly very psyched to have the original “I’m Ira Glass. Welcome to Jackass” on the show to wax insanity about queer theory, masculinity, PTSD, and art history. I personally apologize for all the clapping, it’s a film that elicits such responses.

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Excerpts of Sean’s new sci-fi BACK\SLASHER ( also links to audio version and to pre-order): https://donotresearch.net/posts/backslasher01/

Sean’s Jackass Review: https://www.artforum.com/film/the-sublime-stupidity-of-jackass-forever-87843

Follow Sean! https://www.instagram.com/socialmalpractice/

Us on Sean’s pod, RIP for real: https://podtail.com/en/podcast/humor-and-the-abject-podcast/79-art-and-labor-ok-fox-and-lucia-love/