146 – Mr. Beast’s Serfs (Part 1)

Art and Labor
Art and Labor
146 - Mr. Beast's Serfs (Part 1)

Well pholks, know that we tried this week- a hot and fresh Art and Labor from our minds to yours! OK tries to “read” (personally never heard the term) an article to Lucia and Sarah about the Metaverse, and since this is as spoiler-free space, let’s say we might get to that. Total y2k vibes from this episode include our proprietary newgrounds flash game, a /cgl/ easter egg (well, ok, I wish. Maybe it’s more of a “joke that’s just a reference to something”, but that is very post-9/11 vibes too), the generational divide on Seth Rogan, and I think there’s something in there eventually about Basel. This episode is dedicated to the brave Coca farmers of Bolivia, who keep our little art world community going <3


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I don’t wanna link the bad stuff, check out the syllabus for Break Stuff: Luddism, the Californian Ideology, and How to Make Technology Work for Us instead: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1OJNPJ8ytG_PKVYgZRINzcDF5zpGAn_bD7uykKrx2b_w/edit