142 – Alec Takes w/ Alec Robbins

Art and Labor
Art and Labor
142 - Alec Takes w/ Alec Robbins

The id must flow! On today’s episode OK and Sarah talk to cartoonist of Mr. Boop fame Alec Robbins about the on-going mass personae of twitter and irl experiments with identity via Halloween/anime conventions (we should probably read Capitalism and Schizophrenia, idk) Cosplay is just Halloween in the expanded field. Alec, the good one, updates us on the IATSE deal and shares his experiences on incompetent/dangerous/underfunded productions. Leave a gun emoji in the comments if you made it to the Alec Baldwin truther section, but not the watergun bs, the real gun. Who needs sincerity now in the time of monsters?  

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