Episode 11 – HOW NOT TO BE SEEN

Art and Labor
Art and Labor
Episode 11 - HOW NOT TO BE SEEN

A Fucking Didactic Educational AUDIO File! We basically spin a weird collage about surveillance and privacy (a lost cause). A lot of time traveling this episode. We go back in time 5-7 years when folks were rushing Youtube with How To videos like it was the dang gold rush. We receive a prescient transmission from Jack Smith about the commodification of counterculture and the hyper capitalization art fairs were about to cause. We also heed lessons from David Wojnarowicz. Thank you queer history. Folks on the margins are often destroyed by the state, listen to them, and give them space.

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How Not to Be Seen:


How to Basic:


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How to Disappear in America:


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Surveillance Cinema by Catherine Zimmer:


& Strategic Reality Dictionary: Deep Infopolitics and Cultural Intelligence
Book by Konrad Becker