180 – Artists in Times of War

Art and Labor
Art and Labor
180 - Artists in Times of War

It’s the Christmas reunion special! And how else to possibly celebrate the reason for the season but a long hard look at the Ukranian Russian conflict whose escalation this year has injected so much misery into our lives? That’s right folks, Lucia’s back for one night only, coming out of their well as an update to our earlier episode this year on the art world’s response to a war nobody seems to be able to process with nuance. The reading list today comes from Howard Zinn, the Venice biennale, Soviet war correspondent Vasily Grossman, and maybe a special spectre haunting Europe from a past century. Just like the real Truth Coming Out of Her Well, maybe it’s an episode about photography, maybe it’s about the Dreyfus Affair, maybe it’s about knowing you’re about to pass the veil so you prop yourself up to a portrait of Rembrandt to go out looking at the big guy himself!

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Putin speech https://youtu.be/TryhKTBBdBs

And the Lenin essay: https://www.marxists.org/archive/lenin/works/1917/may/14.htm

DSA international committee: https://twitter.com/dsa_intl_comm