Art and Labor
Art and Labor

We’re joined by distinguished panelists Beatrix Urkowitz and O Horvath, Kirby pornographer and Furry toy maker respectively, for a discussion we’re calling “On Moe.” Within anime fandom—what is appropriate and why? In this clip our guests bring great insights from the radical feminist writer Joanna Russ and an accidental Deleuzean analysis of Kirby. The rest of this packed 2 hour episode has been paywalled due to the sensitive issues we cover. Please support us on Patreon so we can keep paying brilliant artists to speak with us about both difficult and fun topics like this!

**Though this clip is fairly tame, we want to put a big content warning on the full episode for discussions of child abuse, sexual exploitation, and bodily violence**

Support Bea’s Infinizine:

To Write Like a Woman: Essays in Feminism and Science Fiction:

Someone else already figured out Kirby’s Body Without Organs:

Bea’s writing on Girls Last Tour:

On Moe-Moe essay:

Episode 38 – Shiroto No Ran and A3BCollective

Art and Labor
Art and Labor
Episode 38 - Shiroto No Ran and A3BCollective

We’re back with some rad interviews from Japan! O.K. had the immense pleasure of interviewing Yang Chun Ahsiang (of Amateur Riot) and Nia Moineau (of A3BCollective) about radical protests, art, music, spaces, and history in Japan. We want to thank these two incredible people for sharing with us, and to hear about our our trips please support us on drip or Patreon.

Shiroto No Ran aka Amateur Riot, the group behind Manuke Guesthouse, Nantoka Bar, and No Limit Fest: (see also pics of “Hang A Lai Post” zine on our website)

Anti-War, Anti-Nuclear and Arts of Block-print Collective: or Instagram and Nia’s art Instagram (see also pics of their newest banner prints on website)

Learn more about the protests against the US military base in Okinawa:

The High Treason Incident:

Fumiko Kaneko: biography “The Prison Memoirs of a Japanese Woman” film “Anarchist From Colony”

This is a pun on the word for anarchy in Japanese
Idol group crashes the protest
Recent community woodblock banner in support of the Okinawa people
Ahsiang and his friends made a zine in Mandarin, this is about solidarity in Okinawa between teens who came for the punk fest and local elders
About OddLand festival
the elevator in Manuke Guesthouse