198 – Bagel Snackcast w/ Linda Felcher

Art and Labor
Art and Labor
198 - Bagel Snackcast w/ Linda Felcher

This was gonna be paywalled, but it’s way too main episode vibe so no reason to assign it a gender. BIG ep for the New York nationalists out there. Trump’s guilty verdict is the latest notch in his New Yorker cultural cache, but in this episode we talk about his relationship to theater, how it relates to where he’s from in Queens, and to his constituents within Long Island style conservatism. Who better to tawlk about Long Gayland than OK’s beautiful drag mother-sibling Linda Felcher, whose drag was inspired by their family from that cursed isle. We also discuss OK’s encounters with Beck and the Real Housewives at the NADA art fair. He gives us a little review of his mentor Lee Masterson‘s big gallery world cumming out. Finally, the Halloween straight couple queer umbrella theory returns with a little review of the Dragula stage show.

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