148 – Pivot to Metaverse w/ David Turner and Liz Ryerson

Art and Labor
Art and Labor
148 - Pivot to Metaverse w/ David Turner and Liz Ryerson

Welcome to the Garden of Theory and Praxis, the Graveyard of the Vibes, the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth, it’s Art and Labor! Joined by champions of the pod David Turner of Penny Fractions and Liz Ryerson of The Blood Zone, we reckon with teleology and how it occupies space (almost…as if…it were…a body??), learn a little about how the music and games industries are dealing with the nightmare of NFTs being forced down our throats as the new financial model (watch this space for the Art and Labor stolen jpeg of the Campbell’s soup can, but don’t worry we’re only doing it ironically), and round table on the new Matrix, mostly guided by the reactionary we haven’t killed in our head yet.

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we’ll get into a podcast feud and finally transcend the status of “local weirdos” to “clouted social media discoursians” https://twitter.com/0KF0X/status/1475329118195658754