Episode 17 – Art Comic with Matthew Thurber

Art and Labor
Art and Labor
Episode 17 - Art Comic with Matthew Thurber

Matthew Thurber joins us as our first in-studio guest!! We discuss his new book Art Comic, now available through Drawn & Quarterly. The book has direct parallels to our lives, it’s kinda nuts, I’m still not over it. We discuss art school problems, new models, ideals, concessions, and debate the merits and pitfalls of book fairs. A big highlight is the part when we all break out Jack Smith impressions. DIY art? Conceptual art? Queer art? All eventually gets sucked up into the dreaded market. We’re gonna work together and fight our way out of this mess. We must!!

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see also episode 11 for more on Jack Smith, and probably our first or second episodes where we start to form opinions about Duchamp