163 – Groomer Pride w/ Joey De Jesus

Art and Labor
Art and Labor
163 - Groomer Pride w/ Joey De Jesus

OK catches up with fan favorite fourth mic Joey De Jesus (@DeJesusSaves) to talk Pride month, gossip about NYC local elections/budget woes, and the trap of Puerto Rican statehood. Would you join the Queer liberation army? There’s gonna be sparkly maces involved! Also we’re leaning into groomer, it’s gonna be a whole problem. The establishment dems are ruining the parades and forging their ballot signatures, gotta hate being stuck in this garbage party! Putting another big trigger warning for serious gun violence during the last part of this episode.


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Missed our podcast? OK was interviewed on WNYC for yelling at the mayor: https://gothamist.com/news/queens-pride-parade-returns-to-jackson-heights-after-pandemic-pause

Register for Joey’s virtual poetry reading: https://twitter.com/DeJesusSaves/status/1537422369127600128

Episode 5 – Anarchy in Berlin and Pride Month

Art and Labor
Art and Labor
Episode 5 - Anarchy in Berlin and Pride Month



*UPDATE* ICE has cancelled all hearings for Monday June 25th at 201 Varick in response to #OccupyICENYC. Follow @MACC_NYC for updates. There are other sites of deportation in the city the protest may move to. Apologies for the sound quality of this episode, we decided it felt better to just continue to hold space at the occupation (please see the previous episode for our conversation with some of the organizers). Lucia is back from Berlin and imparts some insights from collectives over there; from the recently raided anarchist library Kalabalik to the direct action performance art group Center for Political Beauty. We also get into tricky intersections of rainbow capitalism and the potentials of queer liberation and socialism (for more come to this discussion: https://www.facebook.com/events/187818712052570/) Oh, and we started a Lupin the Third section.

Article referenced about murderous white supremacists groups that have never been held accountable:
Feminist art space in Providence:
The anarchist library:
The Center for Political Beauty:
More Germany notes:
This is one of the most famous squats in Berlin
They have been in a weird war with these people
Center for Political Correctness
This is another anarchist spot that has a community music festival I went to
And some hardcore from their lineup
Here’s a link for 325 (the anarchists who keep a ledger of the cop cars they set on fire) but their site is under construction
Amazing Lupin x Jigen thread:

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