171 – Adam Driver IS Yaoi

Art and Labor
Art and Labor
171 - Adam Driver IS Yaoi

A special presentation for all the “social-sim” listeners- take a deep breath, and when you’re ready, slowly close your eyes to imagine yourself in a world where your friend is high out of their mind, and yet still able to set up a mixer? What if someone took longer to explain the plot of a movie than the movie’s actual run time? It’s real, and it’s happened to your hero Sarah 3 times now- I’ll never need watch 2012, Open Water 2, or, now, The Report (2019). Supposedly starring Annette Bening, we all know who’s the real star of this hyperfixation- the perpetually clammy Seme Adam Driver, playing a perpetually clammy Seme Perfect Lib on a mission to uh– you know, uh, it’s like that time some HS acquaintances of yours did the college town farm larp thing where they paid to kill a goat and then take all the meat home, and have a bonfire to eat it, and for some reason you’re there even though you haven’t seen these guys since one of them broke both their legs trying to paper mâche a chimney into a penis? Imagine that, now imagine we’re all talking about American complicity with the CIA torture program. Here at A&L, we would strive to provide the highest quality “older sibling’s burnout friend” experience, but we’re kinda tired this week :/

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