182 – I See You

Art and Labor
Art and Labor
182 - I See You

To hear our take on Andrew Callaghan and This Places Rules please support us on Patreon. 2022 was hard on your Art and Labor crew- so we wanted to start the new year with the most “le fantastique” thing we could think of, a world of endless possibilities, a place where magic could exist, a place where you can be driven insane with the contradiction of portraying the desire to never age as monstrous while yourself employing a mo cap technique that will absolutely result in older actresses no longer being able to get work as older characters, just their younger selves, or not, who cares, what am I even talking about.

A&L is, historically, staunchly pro-spectacle, so indulge us a little with a fated Avatar waterside chats- What the hell is this Cameron guy’s deal, how does a movie so bad still get Sarah to easily shell out $30 multiple times? How come OK never saw the first one??? Why is Kate Winslet here?? Do you guys think the butterfly fairy wing jellyfish are just like a merchandising thing? If we start actually doing episodes consistently again would yall send us to Disneyland to finally SEE?


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