Episode 102 – Can We Abolish the Art World?

Art and Labor
Art and Labor
Episode 102 - Can We Abolish the Art World?

This is (almost) the dawning of the age of Aquarius, how red will that dawn be? OK’s been a little fixated on China, would a new global superpower be beneficial to international communist movements? We try to focus back in the art and labor realm with the 3rd part of the Nika Dubrovsky and David Graeber’s piece for e-flux. How can we build enough power to meaningfully transform the art world as we know it?? If you like the podcast and want more, please consider supporting us: https://www.patreon.com/artandlabor. Follow us on twitter and instagram. You can contact Art & Labor at artandlaborpodcast@gmail.com. Please reach out to join the discord for Lucia’s school “Constructing the Real” Please write us a review on Apple podcasts or whatever other platforms!!

Another Art World, Part 3: Policing and Symbolic Order: https://www.e-flux.com/journal/113/360192/another-art-world-part-3-policing-and-symbolic-order/

I Want to Believe Posadism, UFOs and Apocalypse Communism: https://www.plutobooks.com/9780745340777/i-want-to-believe/

Chuang journal: https://twitter.com/chuangcn

The Pro-Independence Left vs The Pro-Unification Left in the Sinophone World: https://newbloommag.net/2015/05/19/pro-independence-left-vs-pro-unification/

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