156 – The Art Worker Organizing Movement

Art and Labor
Art and Labor
156 - The Art Worker Organizing Movement

We were mentioned in enemy of the show the New York Times by friend of the show Zachary Small! The movement to organize art and cultural workers has been steadily growing despite pandemic setbacks, how do we feel about it? We promise to never do the cis white art bro thing and claim to be an authority on this subject, even though we literally have dedicated our lives to studying it every week lol. We will, however, always advocate for better pay and workplace conditions for all workers, labor aristocracy be damned!

ALERT: JOIN OUR SCHOOL, NEW CLASSES DROPPING SOON! Please reach out to join the discord for “Constructing the Real” NOW!

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BONUS EP: https://www.patreon.com/posts/63009999 Hours before Putin invaded Ukraine, we dropped our takes. We also discuss the rise of anti-trans legislation.