183 – Devil Deals

Art and Labor
Art and Labor
183 - Devil Deals

Hello!! Welcome back to the fold, sweet lambs, I missed you terribly so…what’s your year been like, kids? Today’s Art and Labor is for the fans, and also the haters, who have neglected to call me even once while I was gone…….this week we’re cutting it up (hard) on how Scientific Management (Taylor’s Version) mysteriously tends to bend society towards child labor, a Rest In Piss Vice send up that ends up being our apologies for going to Death By Audio shows, and a few more clues as to what our jobs actually are for the oldheads developing their A&L iceberg videos. Send me cannolis, I’m dying up here, my people yearn for freedom, we will greet you as liberators!!

Read this again, idk: https://www.e-flux.com/journal/102/284624/another-art-world-part-1-art-communism-and-artificial-scarcity/


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