✍️ ok fox πŸŽ₯ green m&m 🎡 ‘sex and candy’ by marcy playground

✍️ knittedsweater kevin πŸŽ₯ dbz 🎡 ‘only a fool would say that’ by steely dan

✍️ corman’s inferno πŸŽ₯ redline 🎡 ‘no come down’ by run the jewels

✍️ lala πŸŽ₯ flcl 🎡 ‘eaten by the monster of love’ by sparks

✍️ galuigi πŸŽ₯ ping pong 🎡 ‘dynamite’ by bts

✍️ corman’s inferno πŸŽ₯ various 🎡 ‘smack my orinoco flow up’ by mtv / prodigy vs enya

✍️ alec robbins πŸŽ₯ various 🎡 various by various

✍️ lala πŸŽ₯ yuri on ice 🎡 ‘the meaning of love’ by depeche mode

✍️ erin pinkbug πŸŽ₯ utena & others 🎡 ‘shukufuku’ by yoasobi

✍️ corman’s inferno πŸŽ₯ one piece & others 🎡 ‘nazi punks fuck off’ by dead kennedys

✍️ rachel pincus πŸŽ₯ john wilson 🎡 ‘jokerman’ by bob dylan

✍️ pisshospital πŸŽ₯ evangelion 🎡 ‘best friend’ by saweetie

✍️ lala πŸŽ₯ crash 🎡 ‘here comes bob’ by sparks

✍️ geewilikerz πŸŽ₯ gene kelly and jerry 🎡 ‘tank’ by seatbelts

✍️ sfd πŸŽ₯ various 🎡 ‘gogo girl’ by qythone

✍️ kirbystarflower πŸŽ₯ utena 🎡 ‘Weep In A Dream (feat. 고냉)’ by Jellyboy

✍️ ok fox πŸŽ₯ one piece 🎡 ‘rough boys’ by pete townshend

✍️ lala πŸŽ₯ interview with the vampire 🎡 ‘high c’ by sparks

✍️ corman’s inferno πŸŽ₯ berserk 🎡 ‘midnight scrubs’ by dj lobster

✍️ rachel pincus πŸŽ₯ beastars 🎡 ‘there is a light that never goes out’ by the smiths

✍️ galuigi πŸŽ₯ avatar: the last airbender 🎡 ‘I am not a robot’ by marina and the diamonds

✍️ corman’s inferno πŸŽ₯ various 🎡 ‘velvet sugar’ by go home productions / archies vs velvet underground

✍️ isaac safron robin πŸŽ₯ gundam 🎡 ‘war of the hearts’ by sade

✍️ brad junswick πŸŽ₯ various 🎡 ‘dreamlover’ by faye wong

✍️ corman’s inferno πŸŽ₯ evangelion 🎡 ‘moon over marin’ by dead kennedys

✍️ bob πŸŽ₯ various 🎡 ’20 years on’ by safe

✍️ september xyzx πŸŽ₯ my dinner with andre 🎡 ‘mind’ by talking heads

✍️ pisshospital πŸŽ₯ perfect blue 🎡 ‘butter scaryflies’ by sleepytime trio

✍️ corman’s inferno πŸŽ₯ made in abyss 🎡 ‘fight song (fade in abyss remix)’ by rachel platten & friends

✍️ corman’s inferno πŸŽ₯ various 🎡 ‘santa’s silly kisses’ by fortune kit

✍️ mickey z πŸŽ₯ death becomes her 🎡 ‘cruel angel’s thesis’ by yoko takahashi

✍️ hibikitikibi πŸŽ₯ tekkonkinkreet 🎡 ‘libra’ by mucc

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Illustrations from Sophia Foster-Dimino

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Recording from Corman’sInferno

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