190 – Netflix’s One Piece w/ Alex Degen and Alec Robbins

Art and Labor
Art and Labor
190 - Netflix's One Piece w/ Alex Degen and Alec Robbins

OK and Sarah are joined by two of our absolute favorite cartoonists Alex Degen and Alec Robbins to discuss One Piece both as a comic😤 and as content😩. Alec’s fantastic thread on the “corporate experiment” that is Netflix’s One Piece prompted this excellent convo on art education, WGA/SAG actions, and flattening of culture that happens online. Alex and OK also endorse interesting live action adaptions that happened via ice and in kabuki. We want ART not YOUTUBE BYPRODUCT. We want DIGNITY not SLOP!! They are trying to feed us BUGS when we need REAL FOOD that will nurture our souls and lift our spirits. Isn’t that what One Piece is truly all about?? If you like us, please consider spreading the good word! Directly sharing our episodes with friends helps defeat the algorithm. And consider joining our patreon to help defeat our brokeness!

Read Alex’s work: https://www.tcj.com/reviews/the-marchenoir-library/

Read Alec’s work: https://crimehot.com/

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Fan re-edit of One Piece anime: https://onepace.net/en

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183 – Devil Deals

Art and Labor
Art and Labor
183 - Devil Deals

Hello!! Welcome back to the fold, sweet lambs, I missed you terribly so…what’s your year been like, kids? Today’s Art and Labor is for the fans, and also the haters, who have neglected to call me even once while I was gone…….this week we’re cutting it up (hard) on how Scientific Management (Taylor’s Version) mysteriously tends to bend society towards child labor, a Rest In Piss Vice send up that ends up being our apologies for going to Death By Audio shows, and a few more clues as to what our jobs actually are for the oldheads developing their A&L iceberg videos. Send me cannolis, I’m dying up here, my people yearn for freedom, we will greet you as liberators!!

Read this again, idk: https://www.e-flux.com/journal/102/284624/another-art-world-part-1-art-communism-and-artificial-scarcity/


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